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Най-големите двугоривни двигатели от MAN B & W

20:07, 11 Ноември 2013

MAN Diesel & Turbo, обяви спечелването на  поръчка за доставката на  два MAN B & W 7S90ME - GI двугоривни двигатели , които ще служат за задвижването на  двата 3600 TEU контейнеровоза на  Matson Navigation. Като корабите се очаква да бъдат последвани от още три подобни.   Двигателите са най-големите двугоривни двигатели , правени до сега , като мощността на всеки от тях е 42700 KW .  Двигателите ще бъдат произведени от южно-корейците от Hyundai...

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ME-GI Engines for Two LNG Carriers

12:33, 16 Декември 2013

Knutsen OAS Shipping, the Norwegian shipping company, has placed an order for 2 × 2 7G70ME-GI engines in connection with the building of two 176,300 m3 capacity LNG carriers. The specified engines are also based on MAN Diesel & Turbo’s new, ultra-long-stroke, G-type concept to deliver an even higher, overall propulsion plant efficiency. MAN Diesel & Turbo has verified that, even when compared to the best, modern DFDE propulsion solution, an ME-GI engine delivers...

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MAN B&W to Power Up Waterfront’s New Methanol Carriers

11:43, 18 Декември 2013

Vancouver-based Waterfront Shipping has confirmed its Methanol Carrier Project for a series of 50,000-dwt methanol carriers, each powered by an MAN B&W ME-LGI main engine running on methanol. The confirmation stems from a Letter of Intent MAN Diesel & Turbo and Waterfront signed in July of this year. MAN Diesel & Turbo officially designates the ME-LGI engine as ME-B9.3-LGI.  In collaboration with leading shipping lines, Waterfront reports that it is behind the 2+1...

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Qatar:Q-Max vessels to use MAN LNG fuel

08:12, 15 Януари 2014

Qatari shipping company Nakilat and Qatari LNG producers Qatargas and RasGas Company Limited have agreed with engine manufacturer MAN Diesel and Turbo to convert a Q-Max vessel to use LNG as an alternative to heavy fuel oil in the main engines. The proactive initiative reinforces Qatar’s commitment toward the environment with plans to convert an existing low-speed diesel LNG carrier to use LNG as fuel thereby reducing the ship’s exhaust gas emissions. Shipyard operator...

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MAN Diesel & Turbo,

MAN Diesel & Turbo Introduces MAN EcoCam

21:19, 03 Февруари 2014

The EcoCam offers significant fuel savings of 2 – 5 g/kW – with short payback times – and delivers an increased Pmax cylinder pressure through the adjustable exhaust-valve timing. Christian Ludwig – Head of Retrofit & Upgrade – MAN Diesel & Turbo,said: “Slow-steaming is now an established industry standard across all segments, including the tanker and bulker markets, and MAN Diesel & Turbo continuously seeks to further refine its...

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Two-Stroke Methanol Engine Successfully Completes Demonstration

19:27, 30 Март 2015

ME-LGI (Liquid Gas Injection) engine tested at customer event in Copenhagen On 17 March, 2015 at MAN Diesel & Turbo’s Diesel Research Centre in Copenhagen, the company successfully demonstrated the ME-LGI concept in front of existing ME-LGI customers and partners, including Westfal-Larsen, Marinvest, Waterfront Shipping/Methanex, MES, HHI-EMD, MOL, and Minaminippon. For the purposes of the event, the company rebuilt its 50MX test engine to an ME-LGI unit. Vice President...

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World’s First G45 Engine Passes TAT

10:05, 14 Май 2015

Fully electronic control system heightens green profile of ultra-long-stroke G-type engine         Recently, STX Heavy Industries successfully built the world’s first 45-centimetre-bore, ultra-long-stroke, low-speed engine. The MAN B&W 5G45ME-C9.5 engine passed its TAT (Type Approval Test) and features a fully electronically-controlled system that optimises vessels’ green profile. MAN Diesel & Turbo considers the G45 engine...

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