Megayacht Symphony attracts in Rotterdam-VIDEO


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Megayacht Symphony attracts in Rotterdam-VIDEO

The largest yacht ever built in the Netherlands, Rotterdam will sail Monday. It is about the Symphony, a luxury ship of over one hundred meters long. The ship began Monday around 7:00 pm Van Brienenoordbrug by and just after 10:00 passed the Erasmus Bridge.

The Symphony has on board a helicopter, a swimming pool, Jacuzzis twelve and a lift. The yacht has reportedly cost 165 million euros. The owner is unknown.

The yacht was built in the Kaag and run through Saturday Alphen aan den Rijn. Because the yacht or fourteen feet wide, there was some bridges less than ten inches clearance. Consequently the ship has suffered some scratches on the go. Sunday was to see the ship at the Algerabrug .

Symphony sails Monday to Merwehaven in Rotterdam. The yacht is pulled by tugs and is a pontoon.





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