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The Anglo-Eastern Group comprises of Anglo-Eastern Ship Management, Anglo-Eastern Crew Management and Anglo-Eastern Technical Services. Established in 1974, we have been offering our technical services to third parties around the globe serving all types and sizes of ships. Anglo-Eastern is experienced in ship management, crew management, education and training of seafarers, new building consultancy, dry-docking, IT solutions and insurance services. Our services are offered around the globe and supported by twenty offices in thirteen countries backed by our head office in Hong Kong. At Anglo-Eastern we create time. Time for you to concentrate on the commercial operations and on increasing the earning capacity of your ship – while we ensure the safety, technical excellence and increased life-span of your vessel, through the application of scientific, knowledge based, independent third party ship management. We actively seek new solutions and do not believe in a single solution fits all scenario. We continuously improve our sea and shore based competencies – leading to better quality seafarers to man your ships.

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144 Elliot Street, Glasgow, G3 8EX, United Kingdom

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