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Тhe following Job descriptions is indicative target, every company and shipowner may significantly differ in the requirements, autorities and responsibilities from listed below.




Executive engineer and the chief engineer’s deputy and head of the work floor in the engine room.

Most of the  Companies  strongly encourage  that the second engineer understudies the tasks and responsibilities of the Chief Engineer with particular reference to ship handling and engine room duties.


-        Take all actions necessary to meet responsibilities.




-        The daily distribution of the jobs on the work floor in close coordination with the chief engineer.

-        The day-to-day cleanliness of the engine room and adjacent or related workplaces.

-        Head of the watch in case of manned machinery spaces.

-        Be part of the Duty Tour when vessel is in UMS.

-        Supervision of the maintenance executed by the engineers and engine ratings.

-        Training of junior engineers.

-        Environmental Management Officer (not applicable for Greek flag vessels).


Reports to:


-        Chief engineer.

Delegation of authority and responsibilities:

-        If the Chief engineer becomes unable to command his department (e.g. death), his responsibilities and authority are taken over by the 2nd engineer.

-        If the Chief engineer is absent he may delegate temporarily his responsibilities and authority to the 2nd engineer. The Engineer, temporarily in charge, is responsible for his actions to the Management.


Additional expertises

-        Leadership and authority

-        Good stress management abilities

-        Good technical skills

-        Ability to analyse and use technical drawing of the machinery and automation of the vessel.

-        Computer knowledge to use company’s computers and programs

-        Specific knowledge for the type of vessel engaged on

-        Special training: Fire fighting

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