Executing Safety officer

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The following Job descriptions is indicative target, every company and shipowner may significantly differ in the requirements, autorities and responsibilities from listed below.




-        Take all actions necessary to meet his responsibilities.



-        Head of the sea and cargo watch.

-        Security duties as instructed by the SSO.

-        Supervision of the deck ratings during the watch and stand by.

-        Mooring station on the foc’sle, poop deck or on the bridge while entering and leaving port as decided by the master.

-        In charge of the medical care, equipment and medication if appointed by the master.


Executing Safety Officer:


-        Operability and inventories of all Safety & Security equipment and installations (Executing Safety Officer)

-        Assist the Navigational Officer with the correction of charts and publications


Reports to:

-        The master on navigational issues

-        The chief officer on cargo, safety and security related issues


Delegation of authority and responsibilities:


-        If agreed by master or chief officer


Additional expertises:


-        Celestial and coastal navigation

-        GMDSS operator

-        Ballast operations

-        Computer knowledge to use company computer systems and programs

-        Practical and theoretical knowledge for the type of vessel engaged on

-        Medical and First aid theoretical and practical knowledge.

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